What is a Relocation Package?

Comprehensive relocation packages Despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, corporations are still relocating employees to a new city outside of their commute from their current home. Typically, this means moving for distances greater than 60 miles, cross country, or internationally. Relocation benefits cover expenses related to relocation and housing. Still, a comprehensive relocation package may include […]

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Summer Moves: The Ultimate Test of Your Relationship (and Your Sanity)

Moving during the summer can be a real test of your relationship. It’s hot, it’s stressful, and it’s a time when you’re forced to work together in ways you never thought possible. But with a little humor and a lot of patience, you can make it through the summer move and come out stronger on […]

Jun 21, 2024 by Wendy Hoke

How to Turn Your Summer Move into a Beach Vacation (Minus the Sand in Your Underwear)

Moving during the summer can be a real pain in the flip-flop, but with a little creativity and a lot of sunscreen, you can turn your move into a beach vacation… minus the sand in your underwear. Beach Towel Boxes: Pack your belongings in beach towels instead of boring old cardboard. Not only will it […]

Jun 7, 2024 by Wendy Hoke

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