Oct 20, 2023 by Wendy Hoke

The Importance of Custom Crates for Specialty, Fragile Items: Trust the Right Team for a Safe Move

Moving is a task that can range from routine to highly specialized. While many items in our homes and offices can be tucked safely into standard boxes, there are those unique, fragile, or especially valuable items that require extra attention. Enter the world of custom crating, a game changer for those looking to relocate their specialty items safely. In this post, we’ll delve into the various types of custom crates and emphasize the necessity of hiring a team of experienced packers for a stress-free move.

1. Custom Wooden Crates

These are probably the most common type of specialty crate. Durable and designed to handle weight, custom wooden crates can be tailored to fit objects ranging from antique furniture and valuable artwork to large musical instruments like pianos.

Key Feature: Reinforced corners and optional padding ensure your valuable items remain undamaged during the move.

2. Slatted Crates

Slatted crates are similar to wooden crates but have spaces between the slats. They’re ideal for items that need ventilation during the move, such as certain types of artwork or plants.

Key Feature: The spaces allow airflow, ensuring items remain fresh and don’t succumb to mold or mildew during the move.

3. Foam-In-Place Crates

For extremely fragile items, foam-in-place crates are a godsend. These crates contain a sprayed foam that expands and molds around the item, offering an unparalleled level of protection.

Key Feature: The foam provides a snug fit, ensuring the item doesn’t jostle or shift during transit.

4. Corrugated Cardboard Crates

While they might not sound as robust as their wooden counterparts, corrugated cardboard crates can be double or triple layered for added protection. They’re lightweight and ideal for items like mirrors, glass, or electronic devices.

Key Feature: They’re recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice.

5. Insulated Crates

For items sensitive to temperature changes, such as certain artworks or electronics, insulated crates are the way to go. They ensure the internal temperature remains consistent, protecting your belongings from potential damage due to temperature fluctuations.

Key Feature: Built-in insulation keeps temperature-sensitive items safe.

Why It’s Crucial to Hire the Right Packers

Now that you know about the various custom crates available, it’s equally important to understand why hiring the right team to handle them is paramount. Here’s why:

  • Experience Matters: Professional packers have years of experience packing a wide range of items. They’ll know exactly which type of crate is best for your item and how to secure it properly.
  • Tools & Materials: A good packing team comes equipped with all the necessary packing materials and tools, ensuring that your belongings are packed safely and efficiently.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your specialty items are in capable hands alleviates much of the stress associated with moving.
  • Efficiency: An experienced team will pack your items swiftly and correctly, saving you both time and potential repair or replacement costs.


When it comes to moving specialty, fragile items, there’s no substitute for the right packing solution and a team of professionals. By investing in custom crating and hiring an experienced team like the ones at Alliance Relocation Services, you’re ensuring that your prized possessions reach their new destination in perfect condition.

For all your moving needs, remember: it’s not just about the destination; it’s about ensuring the journey is safe and seamless.

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