Feb 3, 2023 by Wendy Hoke

Organizing for an Easier Move

We instinctively know that an organized move is a smoother move. It’s less stressful and complex. There are fewer last-minute surprises. This is true even when you hire professional packers and movers. Instead of rushing around aimlessly on moving day, use these organizing tips to get prepared before the big day.

How to Pack for an Organized Move

The first rule of thumb: be prepared to label everything.

Then consider how you should tackle packing your belongings. The internet is replete with tips and advice on packing household goods. You can pack room-to-room. You can start with closets. Or, you can pack the house front-to-back among other options.

If you have young children, you may need to pack their comfort items last and unpack them first. Typically, packing room-to-room and starting with the least used rooms is the most straightforward method of packing.

Labeling boxes is an absolute must. In addition, keep an inventory list of the main items contained in each box. Color coding by using colored markers is an effective method of organizing the boxes. The kitchen can be green and your bedroom can be blue. The more information you have upfront, the easier it is to unload the moving truck and unpack.

Make sure you have a variety of moving box sizes and plenty of packing materials. You will need these to ensure your fragile items arrive undamaged. You may want to consider packing these items well before packing the rest of your house. Of course, if packing boxes is too much of a challenge, contact Alliance Relocation Services to arrange for professional packers.

Plan the Move for Additional Savings

Some seasons are in higher demand and it’s difficult to get any discounts. Usually, this is summer when school is out. You may not have an option about the time of year to move, but if you do, avoid summer, holidays, and weekends to save money compared to peak rates.

Planning ahead to take advantage of midweek, off-peak rates is to plan well in advance. Contact the movers as soon as possible, and ensure that you have a detailed plan for packing. Be sure you can take time off from work as well.

Measure the Floor Plan in Your New Home

You may know what your new home looks like, but will your furniture fit? Take measurements of your new home and your existing furniture. You can even plot a floor plan in advance and sketch out where each item will go to help on moving day. You will be much more organized, and the move will go more quickly.

Being prepared means there’s less chance for last-minute surprises and problems.

No matter when you plan to move or where you’re headed, Alliance Relocation Services is here to support the process with expert packers. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation.

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