Jan 20, 2023 by Wendy Hoke

Moving Your Wine Collection

The price of many fine wines is within reach for a majority of us. Of course, many fine wines demand astronomical prices. Either way, if you have a collection of wine to bring along on your relocation, you will need special handling and storage during the transport. Global Van Lines recommends following these safeguards when moving your treasured investment.

Have Your Wine Collection Appraised Before Moving

First have your wine collection appraised by a professional. The fee may vary widely, so it’s best to check with two to three appraisers. These professionals can charge by the hour or may be contracted on a flat fee basis. This will depend upon the size and value of the collection. You can search on the Internet, or you may ask a local wine merchant for a referral.

When the moving company arrives to conduct the in-home estimate, let them know specifically about the wine collection, as well as other high value items. You will need to complete a high-value inventory form if the value of your collection exceeds $100 per pound. You may want to double check with the appraiser, but one gallon of wine weighs approximately 10 pounds. The moving representative can explain the various types of coverage available for your valuables.

In addition to the high-value inventory form, you may want to keep a detailed inventory yourself to check off at arrival.

Double Check the Laws

Each state regulates alcoholic beverages differently, so you will need to check with the alcohol control authorities at your final destination prior to relocating. Some states may have restrictions pertaining to the amount and type of alcohol you can bring in for personal use.

Packing the Bottles

If you choose to pack the bottles yourself, it’s wise to purchase special boxes designed specifically for wine bottles and fragile glass.

Corked wines should be upside down or on their sides in the box to keep the corks moist. Do not ship opened bottles of wine. This may be a perfect reason to have a wine tasting party with friends, if you have enough partially consumed wines!

Individually wrap each bottle with appropriate packing material, such as bubble wrap, and ensure that the box is sealed well.

Climate Controlled Moving for Fine Wines

Wines react to extreme temperature changes. This can negatively impact the taste and quality of your wine collection. Older red wines will need to most care with a controlled temperature of around 55 degrees. White wines are slightly less care, but the more expensive and rare they are, the more you should pay attention to them.

If your collection can fit into your car or SUV, this can provide for the climate control, especially if the move is short distance. You may need to hire professionals with a climate controlled truck trailer to move a large collection. You will also need to consider the season as well. Early spring or late fall may be the best times if moving the wine collection yourself.

Double Check Your Wine Inventory Upon Arrival

Your moving professionals will prepare an inventory of your goods before loading. When you arrive at your destination, carefully double check each bottle against the inventory list. If there is any loss or damage, make note of it on the inventory, then contact your representative to complete a claim form.

Lastly, now that you have successfully moved your wine collection, it’s time to pop open the bubbly and celebrate moving into your new home!

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