Jan 13, 2023 by Wendy Hoke

Preparing Your Antiques and Artwork for an Overseas Move

Perhaps you have a new job in another country, or maybe you are retiring to some exotic land that you have always dreamed of. In either situation, you will be taking your treasured collection of antiques and fine art with you. This can be an aggravating situation – you want your precious items to come through the long journey unscathed. This is a perfect time to contact Alliance Relocation Services for help with packing and crating your valuables for safe transport.

Alliance Relocation Services has gives a vast network of experienced movers for shipping delicate valuables. We can help you with the following:

Professional Customized Packing

We will provide you with a reliable team of packing experts who will carefully wrap and pack each item, taking their weight, materials, and measurements into consideration. Only the highest quality, acid-free protective materials should be used for valuable art and antiques to protect them from potential damage and harsh elements.

Custom Crating

If your items are unusual in size, you may want them custom crated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis for added protection. A custom crate can be adapted to accommodate any item regardless of size or shape. A standard crate may work well too, and the design allows it to be unpacked from top or bottom. A crate can even be disassembled for easier unpacking of large, unusual items. Generally, plywood or pine is used for crates.

Overseas Shipping

Once your artwork, sculptures, painting, and antiques have been carefully packed, crated, and made ready for shipping, Alliance Relocation Services can help you find the best overseas shipping options for your goods. We can help ensure that your shipment arrives safely, and we can assist with paperwork and customs as needed.


You may need your items stored upon arrival for just a few days or even longer until your new home is ready to receive them. Alliance Relocation Services can assist you with finding the appropriate facilities that are climate controlled for their protection.

Alliance Relocation Services has years of experience in preparing art and antiques for an overseas move. You will benefit from our expertise, knowledge, and access to highly trained, skilled service providers. Contact Alliance Relocation Services today for your moving needs.

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