Sep 9, 2022 by Wendy Hoke

Streamline Your Next Move

Some people are just naturally organized. Most of us aren’t, which means moving into a household can be chaotic and stressful. If this describes you, don’t worry. By taking the right steps, you can help yourself to remain calm and well prepared. In fact, you can streamline your move and find everything you need on arrival if you know how to organize your move.  

Make a Checklist for Everything 

Moving is hectic, and there is so much to take care of that it’s easy to forget certain things. So, make lists and check them twice. Make a checklist for packing each room, and another for preparing your house to be sold or end the lease. Make a checklist for booking the moving company and another checklist for preparing your travel plans. You can top it off with a master checklist of lists you’ve completed. 

Label Boxes & Create a Master Inventory 

Label everything. It’s better to label too much than too little. It can really help to sort and label boxes by room and even use color-coded tape for quick identification. 

As you pack, create a master inventory of what’s in the boxes so that you know how many boxes you have per room and what they contain. This involves taking just a few notes as you go, but it can be a lifesaver when you’re looking for something while unpacking at the new house. If you are working with a professional mover, they will inventory your items for you. 

Work Everything Out with Your Movers 

Don’t be shy about calling or emailing to work out every little detail with your moving company. Work out when the truck will arrive to be loaded and when it will most likely arrive at the new house. Determine how you will keep in touch with your driver and with your move coordinator. If you need more packing materials, furniture disassembly services, or storage at either end of the trip, work it out with your professional movers so there are no surprises throughout the process. 

Have the New House Ready 

Make sure the new house is ready for your arrival. Have the utilities switched on and get the refrigerator running so you can order groceries on the first night in. Make sure you have the key or that someone with the key will be waiting for you. Any worry you have about the house being ready, simply take care of the matter ahead of time. 

Make Your Travel Plans Ahead 

Finally, get your travel plans ready. Know where you will stop for meals and book your hotel nights ahead. If you are flying, make all the arrangements you’ll need for luggage and rides. If you are taking a road trip, know your route and how far you will safely make it from hotel to hotel each day. The more that is ready and waiting when you embark, the smoother your travel experience will be. 

Pack Your Overnight Bags  

When you pack the bedrooms and bathrooms, pack the overnight bags. You will need a few days’ clothing, toiletries, medications, and personal items for each person in the household – and a small pack for each pet. You may also want to pack a bedroll and some camping gear; that first night in the house is often before the truck arrives.  

Having all your stuff ready to go will really make a difference for a worry-free travel phase of your move. 

Moving doesn’t have to be a risk to your sanity or safety. By planning all the details in advance, you can remove any risk or worry with clear, easy-to-follow steps. When you’re prepared, even a long-distance move is nothing to worry about. 


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