Aug 12, 2022 by Wendy Hoke

Great Ideas for an Easier Move

As moving day approaches and you take inventory of your household goods, you may wonder how you are going to get everything from the old home into the new home. Well, finding a moving company doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. In fact, there are moving options for every scenario. These four ideas for making moving easier can help you a lot. 

Ideas for Making Moving Easier 

Are you moving cross-country or across town? Do you have a big family or are you flying solo? All of these things factor into the type of moving help that is right for your relocation. So, don’t stress over your dozens of moving boxes and overstuffed couches. Instead, take a minute to read these ideas for making moving easier. 

1) Professional Movers 

For longer moves, especially moves involving the entire family, a full-fledged team of professional movers might be the right choice for you. While it is one of the more expensive moving options, professional movers often employ a team of moving professionals to assist in the packing and unpacking process, which can be ideal when moving an entire household. Plus, it frees up your own time to take care of your family and job. 

2) Truck Rental Companies 

If you are moving across town or one city over, you might consider a truck rental company to assist with your move. For smaller moves, renting a truck for a day or two can be a much more practical and economical solution than hiring professional movers. And if you need a couple of extra hands when your buddies won’t help you push your baby grand piano up three flights of stairs? Just go the budget route by hiring a couple of hourly laborers. 

3) Moving Service Providers 

There are some who were born with the ability to efficiently pack lots of things into confined spaces. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this, which makes moving service providers all the more important. If packing is not your specialty or you simply don’t have the time to corral your belongings, there are moving service providers dedicated to packing your possessions and shipping them out. You can find moving help companies online and can often get a quote by filling out a questionnaire. 

4) Shipping Containers 

For a more versatile shipping option, you might consider using a pod or shipping container for your move. Moving pods offer a flexible means for moving your belongings, especially in situations where you might have to put things in storage or delay your move for a period of time. The moving pods are dropped off at your door, and you are tasked with packing your belongings. When you are finished, the moving company will retrieve the pod and either ship it to its location or store it until you are ready to proceed with your move. 

Wherever your next move takes you, it’s best to evaluate all of your options to find the moving solution that suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple moving companies and explore all of your options before making a solution. Happy moving! 


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