Jun 24, 2022 by Wendy Hoke

Window Treatments: Bring Them or Leave Them?

If you are organizing your home in advance of moving, then you likely have three piles going: what to bring, what to leave behind, and what to get rid of. The pre-planning organization can be overwhelming. And, you may stop and scratch your head when it comes to certain items like window treatments. These are often custom-made, which means you chose them specifically to suit your style. But, they may not fit your new windows. Here are considerations to keep in mind to help you decide. 

Take Them with You  

Some window sizes are standard, so you should check the windows in your new home to see if your current blinds will fit (just make sure you’re not obligated by the sales contract to leave the blinds with the home). If you’re lucky enough to be moving to a home where your window treatments will fit, pack them up carefully. Take down all hardware, brackets and headrails, and make sure to pack blinds and shutters fully closed. Tape all brackets and hardware to the blinds’ headrail so they don’t get lost in transit. Prevent blinds from separating during the move by wrapping the condensed blinds in bubble wrap. 

Leave Them in Place 

Custom window treatments, like blinds, shades and shutters can add value to a home and appeal to prospective buyers. In fact, window treatments are often included as part of the property in the sales contract. What’s more, they may have little value to you in your new home if they don’t fit your new windows. Keep this in mind when negotiating the price of your home, and make sure you’re aware of the final contract terms before moving them. 

Donate or Repurpose 

If the new homeowners don’t want your blinds, and you have no use for them in your new home, you can donate or re-purpose your blinds. Vinyl blinds can be cut into strips, and those strips can be woven together to make plant holders or baskets, for example. Thicker, wider blinds can be repurposed as small boxes or containers since the thick, vinyl material should be strong enough for walls. There are dozens of ways to transform old window blinds into picture frames, lampshades and more. Mini window blinds can even be cut into small pieces and used as plant sticks, indicating what is growing where and what sort of attention the plant needs. 

Window treatments can be an afterthought when you’re packing everything else in your home. With a little forethought, you can get the most value out of your custom treatments and make your moving process a smoother one. 


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