Apr 8, 2022 by Wendy Hoke

Packing Your Electronics for a Move

Stereos, home theater systems, DVDs, gaming consoles, and computers represent a significant financial investment. Once your professional movers have unpacked your electronics in your new home, you can have them reconnected and running quickly by following the tips below. 

Take Many Photographs of Your Electronics 

Prior to disconnecting your electronics, use your phone or camera to document the setup with pictures of the back of each piece of equipment. Include photos of the cord configurations for your TVs, video game consoles, DVD players, stereos, and computers. 

You will have a much easier time reconnecting your equipment when you can see on a clear photo of which plug goes where. Keep the plugs and cords separate in plastic bags appropriately labeled. 

In addition, make sure your photos are date and time-stamped. Not only does this help with reassembly, if they are damaged in the move, but you can also show that they were in good condition before the relocation. 

Clean Well with Soft, Dust-free Cloths 

A few days before your move, use dust-catching cloths to wipe down and dust all of your media components and products. These items include your TV, game protectors, cords, and all controllers. Dust and other small debris can settle inside media components and harm the electronics or memory components inside. Only pack clean, dust-free materials in your moving boxes. 

Have Plenty of Labels 

You may have media equipment that’s only temporarily hooked up to your TV, speakers or monitors but not in use right now. If so, you probably can’t quickly take pictures of the cable setup. Instead of relying on your memory to set up media in your new home, label all of your cables and components as you take them apart. You can use a number system on labels if you’re truly organized. 

Once individually packed in plastic bags, you can pack all of your labeled cords, remotes, instruction manuals, and controllers into one sturdy plastic tote. You will be much better prepared to reconnect in your new home. Smaller items won’t be mistakenly discarded in the packing material of big boxes. Remotes and cords won’t get lost or cause damage during the move. Everything is in one go-to container and organized. 

The moving professionals at Alliance Relocation Services have many more tips for packing electronics to help you safely and securely relocate all of your favorite entertainment items. Contact us to help coordinate your entire move from start to finish. We will give you a quote free of charge. 

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