Feb 25, 2022 by Wendy Hoke

How to Pack a Moving Pod

Moving containers are a handy option when you move to a new home. They give you the flexibility to pack at your own pace. And, you don’t have to drive a large moving truck. 

However, you most likely don’t know the best way to pack a moving container. Let’s review some tips on the proper way to load a moving pod. You want to take some precautions so your valuable items stay safe during transport. 

What is a Moving Container? 

They are called by a variety of names: portable moving container, storage container, moving pod, or simply pod. 

All of these terms refer to the same moving method. In essence, this is the in-between of hiring professional movers and completing the entire move yourself. The moving container company will drop off the pod at your old home, you load it at your own pace, they pick up the container, ship it and drop off the pod at your new home. 

Planning Your Pod Move 

Planning ahead will keep you on track and on time. Follow this checklist. 

  • Clean unpacked items such as furniture and appliances, especially if your pod is going directly into storage. Cleaning these items at your new destination only adds to the work. 
  • Purge all unwanted items beforehand. In other words, don’t do this task while you are packing the pod. 
  • Pack your items in stackable storage boxes so you can create a compact and efficiently loaded pod. Bulky, odd-shaped boxes from the supermarket may be free but they lead to a poorly packed moving container. 
  • Divide all your packed boxes into heavy and light piles. This will make it easier to properly distribute weight when you load the moving container. 

Best Ways to Load Pods 

  • Create Floor to Ceiling Vertical Walls 
  • Start at the back of the moving container and create floor-to-ceiling walls or tiers of packed boxes. Place heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes at the top of each wall. 
  • Moving pods have hooks or anchors throughout the container. Secure each tier with rope or moving straps to these handy anchors. 
  • Think of leaving each wall you finish with a big X of braided rope. Complete each wall and gradually move to the front of the moving container.
  • Distribute Weight 

When it comes to loading heavier items like furniture and appliances, balance them evenly on either side of the moving container. Heavy items all on one side can lead to dramatic shifts in weight and possible damage during transport.

Preparing Furniture and Appliances 

Follow these steps before you load furniture and appliances. 

  • Break down furniture as much as possible 
  • Wrap furniture and appliances in moving blankets, bubble wrap, and pads to protect surfaces 
  • If possible, pack couches on their ends to leave more storage space 
  • Load heavy items along the sides of the moving pod close to anchors 
  • Secure your mattresses in mattress covers 
  • Secure all your heavy items with moving straps for zero movement during the trip 

Preparing Your Moving Pod for Long-Term Storage 

If you will not be unloading your storage pod right away upon arrival at its destination, take these extra steps to protect your belongings for long-term storage. 

Add moisture absorbers to the storage container to prevent mold and mildew growth over time. 

If you think you will need to access the pod during storage, rethink your packing plan. Place items you may need access closer to the front of the moving container.

More Loading and Packing Tips 

Never pack perishables in a pod 

Always label your boxes so you can see at a glance what each tier contains 

Use specialized picture boxes for artwork, mirrors, and flat-screen TVs 

At the entry of the moving container place a large sheet of cardboard or flattened boxes to create a barrier that will prevent items from falling against the door during the move. This will prevent door jams when you go to unpack. 

Always keep an itemized list of what you packed 

Keep your  valuables and important documents on your person instead of loading them into the pod 


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