Feb 18, 2022 by Wendy Hoke

Moving in Winter

If you are moving soon, then you are moving during the height of winter. You have the advantage of moving during the “off” season, which means movers aren’t as busy. But you also have the potential of inclement weather to deal with. A winter move takes just a little more planning. Read on for our best tips on planning and executing a winter move properly.

When you’re moving in winter, you have more factors to take into account than with a move during any other season. Since we’re assuming here that you need advice regarding winter moving in a state or area that experiences all four seasons and hence a cold or snowy winter season, it’s understandable that you might be a little apprehensive regarding pulling off a move amidst intemperate weather.

As it starts getting colder out, you might be wondering how to properly prepare for your upcoming winter move. Luckily for you, we’ve got the best tips for moving in winter.

Have a Contingency Plan

Make sure to have a plan in case snow or in-climate weather or low temperatures decide to show themselves on your moving day. Have a backup day already scheduled just in case.

Be Prepared for Anything

Have a first aid kit, ice scrapers, and a snow shovel ready to go just in case. You never know what can happen, whether it’s a surprise snowstorm, ice, or even just somebody slipping and falling, so make sure to have everything you might need on hand.

Take Extra Care with Delicate Items

Make sure more delicate items are shielded from the cold and aren’t at risk for freezing inside of an unheated moving truck. If anything is temperature-sensitive, move it separately or keep it with you.

Take it Slow

Especially in icy or slushy weather, it’s important not to rush or put yourself at risk for injury. Make sure your floors are protected or otherwise prepared for people moving in and out with wet shoes or for other risk factors. Moving fast and getting things done isn’t worth a slip or fall!

Plan Ahead

Make sure your new location has the power on and heat already on when you get there – drive over if you can and check to make sure before you show up with your moving truck or company. If you’re moving into an apartment complex, make sure you’ve given your property manager notice as to when you’re moving in, and have any rugs or non-slip floor protectors down to lessen the risk of injury. Make sure to have a first aid kit at the ready, and make sure you have backup ice scrapers or other cold-weather supplies ready to go.

Stay Warm

This might go without saying, but many can feel tempted to shed outer layers in favor of being able to move around faster during a move, but don’t do it! Make sure you have snow clothing or winter coats and shoes, as well as hats and gloves to protect yourself while moving in the cold.

Now that you’ve got the tools to keep you organized and safe during your winter move, you can get your items ready. Good luck and stay warm.

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