Feb 4, 2022 by Wendy Hoke

The Most Difficult Household Items to Pack and Move

What are the most difficult household items to move to a new home? Moving aquariums, expensive large appliances, artwork, and more can present you with some daunting challenges. You face a higher risk of damage to your goods, which can become quite costly. They must be packed carefully and transported via an appropriate vehicle.  

We believe the most cost-effective method is to hire professionals who have experience with difficult-to-move items. They have the right packing materials including custom-built crates. They know which items moving companies will not accept. It saves you time and money in the long run. 

If you have any of these items to relocate to a new home, give Alliance Relocation Services a call for a free quote before you decide to pack and move yourself.  

Electronics & Electrical Items

Most electronics are fragile by nature. They may get damaged even with minor jostling during a move. Televisions, computer monitors, laptops, gadgets, or other electronics could easily break if they are not packed correctly by a professional.  

Electronics and electrical items require special handling and the right techniques while preparing them for a move. It would be better to let experienced packers and movers do the job so you don’t face to the expense of replacing them.

Glassware & Chinaware

Glassware, chinaware, and silverware are highly breakable household items. They may break easily due to even a minor mishap. Typically, these items have a high monetary value.  

Some items may also hold sentimental value. Special care and the right techniques are necessary to handle such items. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and the right types of boxes are required along with the right packing techniques and materials.  

Antiques & Artwork

Moving art is an art, and can be a difficult task. Most people become attached to their artwork, and many of these items have a high monetary value. 

You want them to remain undamaged to avoid significant monetary loss. And that is exactly what makes relocating artworks and antiques very difficult. Packing antiques or artwork is also a trickier task because of their unusual shapes and sizes.

Heirloom & Items of Sentimental Value

Heirlooms are precious items because of their sentimental value. You don’t want to lose the graduation present you received from your grandmother or the ceramic statue handed down through the generations. Some heirloom items are valuable just for sentiment, and many have monetary value. 

You must take special care while handling and preparing them for a move. If you require professional packing for such items, then inform packers and movers know in advance of the move.

House Plants

Moving plants can be a challenging task. It is because movers and packers won’t help with your house plants.  So, you need to take extra care when moving your plants. You need to plan carefully. If your plants are in ceramic or plastic planters, wrap the planters in bubble wrap or blankets (not the plants), and transport them with you in your car.


Furniture can be irregular in size and bulky. Handling and preparing them for a move can be a big challenge for you. If you are moving furniture on your own then disassemble them first so that you can easily wrap and prepare them for transportation. Hiring a professional mover is the best solution for furniture transportation from one place to another.


TVs are so big now; they can cover entire walls. But how do you move one? When you need to move a large TV to a new home, the challenge can be daunting. 

Whether it is a small TV or a large TV, they are fragile by nature. You need to handle the situation carefully so that you can safely transport your TV to your new residence. You should pack your television in their original packing supplies. 

If you don’t have the original packing supplies then you need to purchase the right types of packing materials. Your movers can recommend better the required packing materials and boxes. It would be better to allow your movers to pack your TV because they have specialized packing materials. 

Final Thoughts 

In addition to the list above, you might other household effects which can be difficult to move such as bikes, playground equipment, and bulky items. Hiring an experienced company to help pack properly is a great solution. 

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