Nov 19, 2021 by Wendy Hoke

Best Tips When Moving Overseas

Whether you are moving overseas for a new job or simply want to experience life in another culture, an international move can be exciting, rewarding, and stressful as well. We have been assisting people with international moves for decades, and we have these tips to offer you. First, be sure to plan ahead and develop an accurate budget. Moving overseas can become expensive with unforeseen charges. If you stay on top of your to do list, this will be unlikely to happen.

Top Tips for an International Move 

Ship Over Your Items Ahead of You  

You may be able to survive with the contents of just one suitcase for several years, but most people can’t. If you have seasonal clothing, favorite towels, computers, and other items, pack them well and ship them in advance. 

Store the Items You Want to Keep 

Some of the more valuable items that won’t be traveling with you can go into storage rather than selling them. It may be more cost-effective to store them for a year or two rather than selling them just to repurchase when you return. If you invest in good quality packing materials and use a trusted, environmentally controlled storage site, your items should remain in good condition. 

Sell Items You Won’t Need  

In the weeks prior to your international move, take the opportunity to do extensive de-cluttering and set aside items to sell. These could be anything such as extra clothing, games, books, CDs, DVDs, trinkets, and such.  Hold a garage sale or sell them online. You could make several hundred dollars by doing this, and you will streamline the move. 

Double-Check Your Insurance 

If you are moving for a new job, double-check with your new employer about insurance and what it covers. If your new employer does offer medical insurance, be certain you know prior to moving what it covers. If you will not have insurance through an employer, you may need to research and purchase long-term travel insurance. 

Passport and Visas 

Ensure that your passport will not expire while you are overseas. Some countries will not issue visas if your passport has fewer than six months left until expiration. In addition, carry extra passport photos with you in case your passport is stolen or lost and you have to replace it. For visas, find out in advance what regulations apply to obtain a residency permit, work permit, or working visa. You can do this by contacting the consulate of the country where you are headed. A tourist visa may not allow you to do any type of work, and this can include voluntary or unpaid work. 

If your overseas stay will be for an extended period, consider taking personal records with you rather than storing them in a safe deposit box. 

These could be: 

  • Birth and marriage certificates 
  • Citizenship 
  • Educational degrees 
  • Divorce and custody arrangements 

Lastly, do a little research on the cost of living and project how much cash you need on hand for the first month. If your employer is covering relocation expenses, be certain about which expenses will be reimbursed. In the meantime, you may need a little extra money on hand for settling in. For help with packing your valuable household goods in preparation for an overseas move, give Alliance Relocation Services a call for a free quote.

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