Sep 17, 2021 by Wendy Hoke

Keep Moving Charges Within Budget

Uprooting your life and moving your household isn’t a simple task, even if your new residence is just around the corner. You need to deal with logistics, negotiations, and potential legal issues. The best course of action is to hire a reputable mover with experience in planning and accurate quotes. A good mover will minimize the potential risks. Be prepared to discuss the following items with your professional mover to avoid surprises.

Packing Services

Packing can be the most stressful part of moving. It can be tedious, emotional, and an overwhelming process. This is a key reason that so many people choose to hire professional packers. Take an honest personal assessment and evaluate your budget before trying to pack everything yourself.

Packing Supplies

If you hire a professional packing service, they will typically bring the supplies. Still, if you DIY your packing, you need to have a little extra to avoid running out on moving day. Proper packing makes a difference; don’t compromise your efforts with a lack of supplies.

Unexpected Inventory

You may forget to include certain items in your moving quote. It can happen. It may be something in the garage or in an off-site storage unit. Unfortunately, they can result in additional charges that you didn’t budget for. Do several walk-throughs to make sure you list everything.


Some moving companies use demand-based pricing schedules that increase prices during busy periods. Keep this in mind if you decide to change your moving dates at the last minute. Just changing days within the same week could result in a price change.


While it is not a requirement in any industry, many service providers appreciate a customary tip. If you are pleased with your service, search the internet for “tipping movers” to see what qualifies as proper etiquette in your area.

Binding Estimates

The best way to avoid surprise moving charges is to insist on a binding moving estimate. With a binding estimate your mover is bound to the quoted amount regardless of actual weight. While exceptions apply, a binding estimate allows you to move with the confidence that your moving charges will not unexpectedly change prior to delivery.

Electronics and Appliance Service

There are a number of items around your home that require the attention of a service technician before and after a move. Most moving companies will not move connected audio/visual equipment or washers and dryers. These appliances should be properly serviced and secured by a professional.

Special Handling

Many oversize, delicate, or high-value items require special equipment, packing, and handling during a move. Notify your mover of any specialty items so they can properly quote for any necessary additional service, materials, and protection.

Stairs, Elevators, and Distances

Some moving companies charge extra if their crew has to negotiate obstacles when loading and unloading. Notify your mover of any stairs, elevators, or excessive distances they may encounter during the move.


If your home is not ready on move-in day, you may need to temporarily store some of your household goods. Depending on your circumstance, this additional ‘storage-in-transit service may accrue unexpected warehousing and delivery fees.

Parking Permits
Some cities and municipalities require special permits for loading and unloading moving trucks. Check with local governments at your origin and destination to familiarize yourself with zoning ordinances and inquire with your moving company to see if permits are covered by your estimate.

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