Jul 9, 2021 by Wendy Hoke

Moving Your Large Flat-Screen TV

Flat-screen TVs are getting huge. You can now buy TV modules that will cover an entire wall. It’s great for watching the Super Bowl, but when you move, how do you move the TV?

Flat-screen TVs are some of the most fragile, expensive, and uniquely shaped items in a household. Moving them is a challenging task. A large TV won’t fit into a standard moving box. You don’t want to simply toss it into the moving truck without protection. Hiring professionals who have the knowledge, equipment, and materials is the best way to go. In fact, you may opt for a custom-built crate for your TV.

However, if you choose to move it yourself, here are some tips.

Supplies Needed to Pack  and Move a TV

Some moving truck rental companies offer kits to help you pack a large flat-screen TV. Still, you will need plenty of materials to protect your investment:

Recommended Packing Supplies:

  • Foam cushions
  • Furniture pad
  • Mover’s wrap
  • Box tape
  • Flat-screen TV cover 
  • Appropriately sized box

How to Pack a TV for Moving 

  1. Prepare the TV for packing.
  • Before you begin disassembling your entertainment setup, take photos of how everything is connected. This is a good reference for reconnecting everything in your new home.
  • Unplug all the cords from the back of the TV. Locate the power cord and roll it up in a neat coil. Place the power cord and the remote(s) in a clear plastic bag or small container. Set it aside in a safe place to use later.
  • If your TV is on a stand or legs, you will need to remove it. Most stands/legs can be removed with a screwdriver. Safely lay the TV down, screen-side down, on a towel or blanket on a flat surface, and carefully remove the stand/legs.
  • Place the screws in the same bag or container as the power cord and remote – you can pack it in a separate moving box or, if you’re using a bag, tape it to the outside of the box to keep everything together.
  1. Cover and protect the screen.

  • Use the foam pieces to protect the TV and prevent it from shifting while it’s inside the box. 
  • With the TV standing upright, place two foam pieces on the top two corners first. Use a mover’s wrap to tightly wrap around the foam pieces and secure them in place. Repeat this step on the bottom two corners.
  • For additional protection, use a furniture pad to cover the TV after the mover’s wrap is in place.
  1. Pack your TV for moving.

  • Be sure your TV is standing upright. Slide your TV into the inner section of the box first. Then slide the second, outer section of the box over the exposed end of the TV.
  • Use furniture pads (or towels or sheets) to fill any empty spaces you see in between the top of the box and the TV. This will keep the TV securely in place and prevent it from shifting too much during your move.
  • Use Box Tape to securely connect the outer and inner sections of the box.
  1. Move your TV safely.

  • When you load the box into a moving truck, be sure to keep it upright at all times. This is the best way to move a flat-screen TV to prevent vibrations and bumps in the road from damaging the screen.
  • If you don’t have two heavy objects available to help secure your TV, use a tie-down rope to secure the box to the rub-rails located inside the back of your moving truck.
  • Now that your TV is packed and stowed away securely, you and your TV are ready to move from point A to point B, safe and sound.
  1. Unpack your TV gently.

  • Be sure your TV is unloaded from your truck and moved into your new home in an upright position at all times. Lean it against a wall until you’re ready to un-box.
  • Use scissors or a box cutter to safely remove the tape from the box. Gently pull the outer section away from the inner section after the tape is cut.
  • If needed, use an extra pair of hands to gently pull the TV from the inner box after it’s opened.

Now you can retrieve the photos you took prior to disconnecting your system. This will be invaluable to reconnecting everything correctly, especially if your TV is part of a larger home theater system. 

Alliance Relocation Services has decades of experience with moving large TVs and home theater systems. Let us help you. Consider the replacement value if you were to drop or damage your flat-screen TV. You’ll find that our expert moving services are very cost-effective.

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