Jun 11, 2021 by Wendy Hoke

Making Your New House Feel Like Home

You’re done! The move is over, and most of the boxes are unpacked. But, your house most likely doesn’t feel like home yet. Now is the time to get excited about settling in. How do you do this? It’s hard to define, and it’s a different process for each person. The personal touches will give you the most impact for the least amount of effort.

5 Ways to Settle into Your New Home

You may be busy, but these tips for making your new house feel like a home are well worth the effort and small amount of time it takes to implement them. Plan time during the unpacking process for each of these:

1. Hang pictures and photos: framed art, favorite posters, family portraits, or personal photos – any of these will instantly bring the personal touch to your new home. You may change their placement later, but this will give you reminders of what brings you joy. If you want to save on nail holes in the walls, try propping the photos and pictures up against the walls so you can still see them.

2. The entryway: sometimes it’s the front porch or the foyer to your house that makes it your home. You can set the mood and tone by decorating or adding flowers and plants to the front porch. The walkways are perfect for brightly colored potted plants. Even the landscaping in the front yard will make a difference, so hiring a new gardener may be the right thing.

3. Start with one room: take one room in the new home and add your personal touches. It may be a small room, such as a bathroom, or a large room such as the kitchen. Follow through to the end on the unpacking and decorating in that one room. You will have created a homey oasis to retreat into while you finish the rest of the rooms.

4. Try new bedding. You have been working hard with the move and unpacking. Your home is your resting place for comfort. Make this a priority and ensure you have plenty of ways to kick back and relax. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Make sure it’s filled with soft comfy pillows, maybe an oversized chair, and even new bedding for a fresh feel. Focus on the softer items in your new home and reap immediate benefits.

5. Focus on the lighting. Great lighting is key. First, you don’t want to make the work harder by having to unpack in a dimly lit home. A dark home is not inviting. Make sure you have plenty of lamps and bright lightbulbs. During the day, open the window treatments to let in the sunshine. You may also try painting the walls a bright white or warm pastel to bring hominess into the rooms.

After that, it just takes a little time for your new house to really feel like your home. Making memories in your new home will help your family feel settled. Then feel free to invite your friends over, have your holiday traditions, order pizza delivery, and relax. Sharing your space will add to the hominess as well.

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