Apr 26, 2021 by Wendy Hoke

The Stress of Moving to a Big City

Moving to a big city from a small town by yourself can be a big challenge. If you have traveled a lot, you may already have plenty of experience navigating streets and neighborhoods. If not, you may feel excited and a little intimidated by the new adventure. If your relocation takes you far away from long time family and friends, you may have butterflies about being alone and on your own.

Moving To A Big City

Alliance Relocation Services has decades of experience moving our clients in situations like this. Many of us have headed off to the big city to begin an exciting new life. So, we have put together a list of things that will make the move less stressful.

Stress and anxiety happen, so roll with them and take a deep breath. We all recognize the feeling of a physical ache in our throat when the stress increases. Our bodies have physical reactions to stress and anxiety. If you can, acknowledge the feeling, then take three very slow, deep breaths. Deep breathing floods your system with oxygen, which helps calm you down.

Family is important, but take your time returning home. You need some time to really settle in and make your new abode into a home sweet home. If you head home every time you feel stress, you may prolong the settling in time. Stay put, and develop a routine that consists of full days and plenty of sleep.

Get fresh air every day. Even if your to-do list is light, spend some time walking in the neighborhood or local park. Go to a local coffee house by foot. The fresh air will give you time to reflect on your new life and acclimate to your new home.

Stretch yourself. If you’re not a natural party goer, accept the invite from the new neighbors and get to know at least one new person. This may be uncomfortable if you know almost no one, but putting yourself out there into the social scene will help you integrate with your new city.

Keep a bit extra busy at first. It may seem like a good idea to take time off for yourself, but actually having a slightly busier schedule to avoid the temptation to slouch on the couch and watch endless videos. You won’t make new friends by doing that. Visit local shops, bring a book, say hello to a stranger, smile, go grocery shopping, check the mail…simply stay busy.

Finally, find a serene spot for some time where you can observe the locale and do some people watching. Is there a spot that all the locals love to watch the sunset? Check it out. Or does your new community have summer concerts in the park? Go listen to some music and bring a picnic. You are doing something new, seeing new places, meeting new people. Soon the stress and anxiety will be long gone, and you will realize that you have settled in.

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