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How to Move Valuable Items

Packing High Value Items

If you are preparing to relocate to a new home and you have items of considerable worth, you need to consider whether you should pack them yourself or hire a professional packing company. You may need custom crates to adequately protect your items. Packing the valuables yourself may save money upfront, but if anything becomes damaged or destroyed, you could lose far more than you saved. To help you with the decision making, we have compiled a few key issues to keep in mind.

1. Have artwork and antiques appraised

Prior to packing anything, make the investment for a professional appraisal on every high-value item. You can find a certified appraiser through the website for the American Society of Appraisers. If you have professionals pack or crate your items, and the items are damaged in transit, you have reliable, third-party opinions on the value.

2. Buy the proper packing materials

Using the right packing materials can be the difference that keeps your items intact versus chipped, bent, or otherwise damaged. If you determine that you can’t adequately pack your valuables on your own, contact Alliance Relocation Services for a free estimate before moving forward.

If you decide to DIY the move, invest in the right packing supplies and boxes for extra safety and security.

3. Wrap each of your valuable items individually

In other words, don’t put them all into one box or even put two or three together in one moving box. Each item will need plenty of packing materials as buffers against the bumps of moving. It’s a good idea to use bubble wrap, cushion foam, and furniture pads. Movers use them to prevent scratches and any other damages. You have to pack every single valuable item separately according to its own unique requirements.

4. Framed artwork should ideally be crated

The smallest nick or scratch can devalue artwork permanently. Artwork that has had repair work performed may look good, but professional appraisers can always detect a repair job. If you box your artwork on your own, go the extra mile to find a box just the right size that allows for about 2 inches of padding to protect the item.

5. Mirrors and glass need special attention

Mirrors and glass are quite fragile. They can be easily scratched and broken. Put packing tape across the front of the mirror in the shape of an “X” to keep the pieces in place in case the mirror cracks. Wrap glass items glass with bubble wrap or non-printed newspapers and fill the loose spaces in the boxes with packing peanuts. These valuable items need special care. Replacing unique glass with features such as beveled edges can become quite expensive.

6. Make sure to label all the boxes

It seems like a nuisance, because you obviously know what you packed, right? However, moving gets stressful. Take a few moments to label the outside of the boxes. This makes it more likely that the boxes will be unloaded to the right room, and it means you can find your items more quickly. Write descriptive labels on your boxes and mark the FRAGILE ones.

7. Load you items carefully

Lastly, take extra care when loading/unloading your high value items. Although you have packed your items with protective packing materials, if you are careless about the placement in the moving truck or forget to secure the items with straps, you may end up with damaged/broken valuables.

If you have any doubts about moving valuables yourself, contact Alliance Relocation Services. We have decades of experience with packing or crating highly valuable, irreplaceable personal treasures. We are just a phone call away for a free estimate. Our number is 877-242-0409.

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