Dec 29, 2020 by Alliance Relocation

Need a Storage Unit? Here’s What to Know

Self-Storage Units

A self-storage unit can come in handy during your upcoming move. It gives you a lot of flexibility and many helpful benefits. You can store your household items and furniture safely while you search for your new home.

What You Need to Know About Storage Units

You may also use a self-storage unit as a long-term solution to help keep your current home organized and clutter-free. Alliance Relocation Services has compiled five key things that you need to know to make renting a storage unit most effective.

Rent a Storage Unit ASAP

Self-storage units are in high demand and tend to rent out quickly. As soon as you know that you need one, rent one asap. Many storage facilities offer a wide array of sizes and shapes. However, you may need to search several facilities to find one just right for your specific needs. Most facilities also offer short-term rental options, which means they tend to turn over quickly. Start your search once you know you are moving.

Consider a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Your budget may be tight, and you may be trying hard to save pennies at every point in the move. However, weigh that against what it would cost you to replace household goods and furniture that could be irreparably damaged by extreme climate and temperature conditions. Spending a little extra for a climate-controlled unit can prevent this from happening. Humidity and high heat can cause mold and warping. Items such as family photos, scrapbooks, antiques, electronics, and furniture will do much better in a controlled environment, especially if you expect to store them long term.

Verify the Facility’s Security Standards

Make sure your household items remain safe by verifying the facility’s security standards and procedures. The most common elements include gated access, individually-alarmed units, and video surveillance. Be sure to double check that the storage facility had features to protect your items from smoke or fire. This means smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Know What You Can’t Store in a Storage Unit

You will receive a list about what you can and cannot store in a storage unit. Be sure to read through it thoroughly. You should abide by the rules as storing any of the items and substances may lead to potential danger or irreversible damage to your items and the units adjacent to yours. Typically, these banned items include flammables, firearms, and hazardous materials. In addition, storing food products or animal products are generally off-limits. Prior to moving any items into the unit, double-check with the facility to avoid violating any regulations on items that you cannot store.

Make Use of Their Free Amenities

Although most storage facilities have no problems filling their spaces, many still offer free amenities to help you. Some offer assistance unloading your household items, and others offer the use of a free moving truck. This will save you quite a bit of money since you will need to rent a truck for the actual move. Other amenities include moving blankets and pads as well as moving dollies to help move heavy items. Be sure to inquire about them.

Evaluate Your Storage Unit Needs First

Take a thorough inventory of what you will be storing and what you need from a storage unit. Knowing this ahead of time will save you time, money and stress during an event that is already time-consuming, expensive and stressful.

Finally, give Alliance Relocation Services a call. Even though you may be storing your items, they should be packed for optimum safety during transit and storage. We offer free quotes, so there is no obligation to you for giving us a call. We are looking forward to helping you. Our number is 877-242-0409.

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