Dec 15, 2020 by Alliance Relocation

Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes

Moving Mistakes

If you are like most people, you face an upcoming move with a touch of anxiety. Certainly, it’s not fun to move your household. Even the smoothest relocations can cause an overabundance of anxiety and stress. And, when something goes awry, when a disaster occurs, you can feel as if your entire world is falling apart quickly.

Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes

Instead of taking the chance of being unprepared for a common mistake, it’s better to have a few contingency plans drawn up. Alliance Relocation Services knows you already have a lot of planning to take care of, so we have compiled a list of the most common moving mistakes and our best solutions to avoid them completely.

Here are several common moving day disasters, and how you can avoid them:

Your Valuable, Treasured Items are Damaged in Transit

It’s a tremendously disheartening event. You arrive at your new home eager to unpack and settle in. You open the back gate of the moving van, or you begin unpacking after the movers unload the truck, and you find some items have been damaged, broken, or destroyed during transit.

The solution: In most instances, the cause is inappropriate packing techniques and/or materials. Use a little extra caution. Use only appropriate boxes and packing materials for all of your fragile items. Be generous with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other cushioning you use.

Better yet, hire a professional to pack your fragile items. You can arrange for individual services as well as full service packing.

You Pay More Than You Expected

Just before your scheduled moving day, you discover the moving company is charging more than you expected. As a result, your budget may not be able to cover the additional charges.

The solution: Many moving companies charge a premium for booking a last-minute move or moving during the busiest season, which is typically summer. Like booking your travel arrangements well in advance, book your moving company in advance to secure the best rates possible. Also, if you can, move in the off seasons…winter and early spring. Alway get a written quote from the company you choose.

Your Furniture Won’t Fit

You spent many long hours packing and loading the moving van. When you arrive at your new home, you discover the hard way that your super comfy, oversized sofa won’t fit through the doorways and/or hallways. Perhaps, you forgot that you used the sliding glass doors at your old residence to move the sofa in. Whatever the reason, you now have a big headache and a problem to solve.

The solution: A measuring tape used well in advance of your move will help you avoid this common problem. Measure your large furniture with all of their dimensions – height, width, depth. Compare those measurements to the dimensions of your new home including all of the entry points.

Your Travel Arrangements Fall Through

You have heard these recommendations before. Make your travel arrangements far in advance of the move, if possible. This can include hotels, motels, and flights. If you wait until the last moment, your chances that your travel arrangement will fall through increases greatly. You also risk not being able to find a flight or hotel that you need.

The solution: make your travel arrangements at least 30 days in advance of moving day. Make notations on your calendar to remind yourself.

First on your list of priorities is to contact Alliance Relocation Services to request a quote for our third-party services. We can help you avoid many common moving mistakes and help you keep your valuable items intact during transit. Call us today at 877-242-0409.

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