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Do You Need Valuation Protection?

Valuation Protection For Your Household Goods

If you are moving into a new home, you have quite a few considerations to plan for. If you have household items that have significant value, whether it’s monetary or sentimental value, you should do two things to protect them: 1) hire professional packers and movers such as Alliance Relocation Services, and 2) review whether you should also purchase additional insurance coverage. This is especially true if you are moving long-distance or overseas. A protection plan will give you peace of mind during the move and reimburse you for unexpected damage that may occur.

Do You Need Valuation Protection?

Even when you have professionals pack or crate your expensive and/or fragile items, there is always a risk of damage. Of course, you don’t want anything damaged, especially treasured heirlooms that cannot be replaced, you want to recover any financial loss if the unexpected does happen. When you hire a moving company instead of doing a DIY move, the packers and movers have the skills, materials, and experience that helps to ensure the protection and safety of your household goods.

Even so, the most careful packers and movers can make mistakes. Accidents may occur, which can result in the destruction of or damage to your goods. Take into account the option of purchasing additional moving insurance.

What is Valuation Protection?

Valuation protection provides you with a specific type of limited moving insurance coverage. It’s a carrier liability that is quite familiar to most moving companies. It provides you with monetary compensation if your household items do sustain some damage.

What Options Come with Valuation Protection?

Definitely invest a little of your time and effort into researching all your options before the actual moving date. Movers generally offer two types of liability coverage. Limited liability protection most often is offered at no additional cost depending upon the carrier. It will value your household goods by weight: sixty cents per pound, per item. If you need to file a damage claim, this is the compensation you will receive regardless of the actual value of the item.

Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP) provides a higher level of compensation if your items become damaged. Rather than paying sixty cents per pound, you receive the declared value that you set on an item. In addition, you can choose a set deductible. FRVP policies typically vary greatly between moving companies. Always read the fine print and ask the moving company representative any questions that arise before signing the contract.If there is any sustained damage, your item will be repaired or replaced at the value declared minus the deductible. Replacement happens if the item is unrepairable.

When Should I Consider Valuation Protection?

If you have any items that are fragile, valuable or both, you should weigh the benefits of purchasing valuation protection. Items of extraordinary value are defined as having a monetary value of over $100 per pound. If you have antiques, fine china, fine art, high-end appliances, or other items of value, look into FRVP.

Investing in protection for your items during your move is just another way to relieve stress about moving day. Get peace of mind with your precious items with FRVP.

When Do I Pay for FRVP?

Typically, your estimate should include details about FRVP or other valuation protection policies. That is added to the overall cost of shipment. If you have any questions about moving and valuation protection, talk to us at Alliance Relocation Services for more information. Our goal is to make your moving experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

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