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What is a Bill of Lading?

Bill of lading – a contract between the shipper and transporter

When goods are shipped via a wooden crate, whether residential or commercial items, a bill of lading (BOL) is required. It is crucial that the BOL is accurate, or it may cause delays and overruns in costs.

When the freight is loaded for shipment, the bill of lading must be attached. It is a standard document for the shipping industry that serves as a receipt for the goods and contains other required data about the freight. In addition, it is a contract between the shipper and transporter. The freight will not be transported without a bill of lading attached.

The BOL is legally required on all freight, and it is issued by the carrier. All parties must sign the BOL, and the document, when prepared properly, prevents problems during transit. Details on a bill of lading include:

  • Identity of the shipper
  • Point of Origin
  • Destination
  • A party receiving the goods on delivery
  • What the shipment contains
  • Who is shipping the freight

The format of a bill of lading may differ between carriers. However, basic information will be the same. Shippers may complete them on their own, or they may ask the freight company to assist with filling out the document.

Information on a Bill of Lading

In addition to the above information, the bill of lading will also need the following data:

  • Contact information for the consignee or party responsible for receiving the payment
  • If the shipment is prepaid or payment will be collected upon delivery
  • Where the invoice will be sent.
  • Broker contact if applicable
  • Number of packages
  • Type of package uses
  • Assigned item number from the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC)
  • Freight Class
  • Size of the freight
  • Details about the items

If the shipment contains any materials labeled hazardous by the Department of Transportation, the bill of lading must make note of those materials. The document will list the appropriate Hazmat contact information on the Bill of Lading. In case an accident occurs, the freight company will need how to handle the shipment and to alert the proper authorities to contain anything that spills.

In addition, the bill of lading includes the declared value of the shipment. There may be special handling instructions needed for a high value shipment and that must be specified on the document.

ISPM-15 Certified Crates

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