Jun 26, 2020 by Alliance Relocation

Reasons to Hire Professionals to Assist with Your Move

Reasons to Hire Pros for Your Upcoming Move

You may excel at DIY projects. Perhaps you have remodeled your bathroom and put in a gazebo in the backyard. You converted the garage into a highly efficient office, and you take care of all your home repairs on your own without calling a plumber or electrician. However, you are now getting ready to relocate and move into a new home. While you may be tempted to do another DIY project, you should call in the pros instead.

Here are 6 reasons to hire Alliance Relocation Services to help assist with your pre- and post-moving tasks:

1. Safety. You likely have valuable, fragile, and sentimental items that you want to arrive at their destination undamaged. These may be appliances, artwork, or antique furniture. Having a professional packing company prepare these items for transport mitigates the risks of in-transit damage resulting in either repair or replacement costs. Custom crating for your household items is one of the safest methods to prepare them for shipping.

2. Accountability. It’s important to have your items packed or crated properly. A skilled, experienced packing team knows how to protect even your most difficult items such as a fragile crystal chandelier, pool table, home theater system, or boat, among other items.

3. Speed. You may be the most efficient DIYer in the neighborhood, but do you know what to do if you get your refrigerator stuck in the doorway? Do you know how to remove the refrigerator handles or doors to get the appliance through? Professional packers will know from experience if those items need some dismantling and how to pack those parts safely. They also know how to protect the interior spaces of such items that may be exposed due to dismantling.

4. Peace of Mind. Preparing for a DIY move goes well beyond filling some boxes with your items and stuffing those boxes with newspaper to cushion your household goods. A custom crating company knows how to pack and crate your valuable items so they remain secure within their crates or boxes as well as making them easier to load and secure them in a moving truck.

5. Reliability. Whether you are moving from a New York City penthouse to a smaller condo in Miami or anywhere in between, it may be tempting to go with the lowest quote available. The internet is replete with tradesmen, vendors, and technicians. It’s quite easy to put up a website, but how do you know whether the organization is reputable? It takes a lot of preparation to pack a home for moving. You want to know that your custom packing company will arrive on time with a team that has the experience and skills to handle all of your items with care and efficiency.

6. Minimizing Damage. Valuable items that are hastily and illogically packed in an invitation for irreparable damage. In addition, items that are crated or packed professionally make it easier for the moving company to securely load the moving truck to prevent shifting during transport. It also makes for a more efficient off-loading and unpacking process once your items reach their destination.

You may think that doing a DIY move will save you money. However, you need to consider the costs of repairing or replacing your items if damaged. You also need to consider what insurance will cover or not cover. Hiring a custom crating company saves time and money, which in turn gives you extra assurance that your move will go smoothly.

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