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Moving Large Household Appliances

Appliance Movers

As you prepare your home for a move, you will find that most of your household items are quite easy to organize and pack. Personal goods like books, clothing, kitchen utensils, and smaller decorations are simple to wrap and pack into moving boxes or storage containers.

However, at some point you will need to decide how to handle your large appliances. You will need to take extra steps to prepare them appropriately for transportation. Any damage to them could result in expensive repairs or even replacement. At Alliance Relocation Services, we believe you should let our professionals help you with this preparation including disconnecting, disassembly (when necessary), and crating to protect your investment. We have also put together a few tips to help you prepare your appliances for the upcoming move if you decide to DIY.

1. Disconnect every appliance before the movers arrive

Many moving companies will not handle appliances that are still connected to a power source or gas. This includes your oven, stove, and dryer. Check with your local gas and electricity provider for any best practices they recommend. Still, we recommend hiring skilled professionals to improve safety. Movers are not certified electricians or other types of technicians capable of handling your large appliances. If you do this step yourself, be sure to remove anything loose from within the appliance.

2. Defrost the refrigerator and freezer

At least 24 hours before moving day, unplug the refrigerator and freezer after emptying them out. This will allow ample time to check for and fix any leaks prior to moving day. When you disconnect the waterline, be sure to completely drain it. Once it is completely defrosted, clean and dry the shelving and interior thoroughly to discourage mold and mildew. In addition, clean and dry the drip tray, which is usually found in the bottom of the fridge.

3. Prepare the washer and dryer for the move

At least two months prior to your move (if possible), look for the original parts that came when your washer and dryer were delivered to your current home. These parts are for securing the drums. If you no longer have them, contact the manufacturer to purchase a replacement kit. Your moving company will not have these parts for you to use.

4. Clean and disconnect the stove and oven

You need to clean the stove and oven thoroughly before moving. The racks should be removed and packed elsewhere for transit. Make sure your appliance is disconnected, especially if it is gas. Again, call your gas company to ask about best practices. Electrical stoves typically need less servicing, but be sure to check the electrical requirements before moving. You don’t want to move a stove that can’t be plugged in and turned on once you get to your new home.

5. Secure the cords well

As you unplug the appliances, have plenty of masking tape and strong rubber bands on hand to secure the cords. Wrap each cord neatly and secure with a rubber band. Then attach the plug to the back of its appliance with masking tape. Don’t let any part hang loosely that could cause someone to trip or damage the appliance if it’s ripped off. Make sure all the doors, knobs, cords, and extra parts are secured with tape.

6. Check your outdoor items as well

While you are preparing your indoor appliances for the move, make time to prepare your lawnmower, weed wacker, snow blower, and/or motorcycle.

Before you decide to do a DIY move, give Alliance Relocation Services a call, and let us give you an estimate. Let us show you how efficiently and safely we can prepare your appliances for moving. In addition, we can help you reassemble and reconnect those appliances at your new residence. Our number is 877-242-0409.

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