May 29, 2020 by Alliance Relocation

The Pros and Cons of Having Friends Help You Move

Friends or Pros to Help You Move?

Having your friends help you move sounds like a great idea. You’ll save money (maybe) and enjoy the camaraderie while saying farewells and parting ways. You could also hire a moving company and a pre- and post-move relocation service to help you prepare. That sounds easier but more expensive.

Before you decide, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having your friends help you move.


1. Affordability. Bypassing the professionals means you can save money by renting a truck and rewarding your moving team with a pizza party afterward. You get to spend time with them before leaving for your new home.

2. Larger team. You can enlist as many friends as you wish to help with the move, while a moving company will typically send a smaller team of professionals.

3. More relaxed deadlines. Many movers charge by the hour, which means you want them to quickly pack and load. When friends help you, you can have a little more breathing space on the timeframes and work at your own pace.


1. Expectations for compensation. Depending on the move and your friends, some might be expecting compensation beyond the pizza party and beer. This can happen when you encounter unexpected obstacles. Or, your friends might think they are helping load a few boxes not hoist a piano onto a rented moving truck. Be as transparent as possible from the start to avoid financial disputes.

2. Reliability. Your friends may show up late, goof around, or simply not show up at all. You won’t have them under contract, so you may face additional stress on moving day when only one or two friends arrive to help you pack and load the moving truck.

3. Unexpected costs. You will need to plan on expenses for gas, hotels, and food for long-distance moves, the rental truck, insurance coverage for the truck, and any moving equipment you want to rent. This is on top of the charge for the rental moving truck.

4. No insurance coverage. If your items become damaged or destroyed during the moving process, you won’t have any insurance to reimburse you for repairs or replacement. Most movers do have some minimal coverage built-in or additional coverage for purchase. If a friend drops an expensive item and it breaks, you likely won’t be able to recover money for the damage.

5. Long-distance moves. If you are moving cross-town, then you have friends to help both with the loading and unloading of your household goods. But, what if you are moving cross country from California to New York, you may not have friends at your destination to assist you. They aren’t going to take a trip cross country just to help you unload and unpack your belongings.

7. Stress on a friendship. Whenever you have friends help you with a move, there will be times when you will need to be the “boss.” Sometimes, this can rub people the wrong way. They are helping you without compensation out of the goodness of their heart. So, when you start directing them on what to do, it can create stress in the friendship. Tensions can rise quickly. You can avoid emotions by letting your friends do what they want and take their time. This may cause a delay, but your friends will be happier.

Final Thoughts

While you can save money by having your friends help with a DIY move, the stress and risk of damage to your valuable personal items may be too much. It may even cause more logistical obstacles if you are making a long distance move. Before you decide to move your home with the help of friends and a rental moving truck, contact Alliance Relocation Services and let us give you an estimate for pre- and post moving services. Compare that to what you could lose in friendship, and we believe you will conclude that hiring professionals is the better choice. Contact us today at 877-242-0409.

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