May 15, 2020 by Alliance Relocation

Key Considerations When Shipping Overseas

Commercial Shipping Overseas

It’s a daily task for large companies, but an increasing number of SMEs are finding business opportunities in international markets. They are shipping equipment, materials, and products overseas with greater frequency. Often, the person tasked with coordinating these shipments has little knowledge or experience with international freight shipments. The results can be damaged or lost items as well as shipments delayed in customs.

To avoid unnecessary disruptions to business operations, your organization needs the experience and skills of a professional crating and packaging company. This will ensure that items reach their destination on time, within budget, and undamaged.

International Shipping: Common Assets Shipped Overseas

When properly crated and prepared for overseas shipment, companies can ship a wide array of items to further their operations including:

  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Industrial equipment and machinery
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Computer servers, server racks, and other IT equipment
  • Tradeshow and exhibition materials
  • Aerospace equipment
  • Luxury home furnishings
  • Artwork and antiques

When packed and prepared by professionals, these types of high-value, hard-to-move, and expensive items can be shipped with ease.

International Shipments: Paperwork, Phyto Certificates, ISPM 15, and Other Requirements

A huge challenge with overseas shipments is the amount of “red tape” that must be dealt with. While your global packing company or shipping logistics provider may help you cut through it quickly, you still need to have an understanding of the regulations and restrictions that are involved with international shipping. Some of the documents required with overseas shipments include:

  • Packing list: this document specifies the items included inside the shipment as well as their descriptions and their HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) codes.
  • Commercial invoice: this document describes in more general terms the items being shipped and the cost.
  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI): This document provides crucial information on the ultimate consignee – the entity that is financially responsible for receipt of the shipment. It also includes information on the intermediate consignee, port of export, forwarding agent, exporting carrier and more.

In addition, another key consideration for overseas shipments is what’s known as ISPM 15, which stands for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. This is a set of regulations meant to prevent the spread of disease and insects that have the potential to disrupt native ecosystems.

ISPM 15 requires the wood used to crate international shipments to be heat treated or fumigated to ensure it isn’t transporting pests. Certified wood crates have a stamp which is commonly known as the “bug stamp” to show compliance with this regulation. Adhering to ISPM rules is crucial. If your crating and packing provider ignores it, your shipment will likely be delayed or even destroyed by customs officials.

Using a Professional Crating Company for Your International Shipments

This is a brief overview of some requirements involved in the international shipping process. Your organization will have many more details to address as you prepare your overseas shipments. A full-service international packing and crating company will leverage its experience and global network of vetted service providers and partners to help streamline the process. This will save you time and money, which will let you focus on growing your business even more.

Alliance Relocation Services has the experience and robust global network to help your organization. Many crating logistics providers are a single storefront with few workers and no knowledge of overseas shipping regulations, which may save you a few pennies now but ultimately cost you in delayed, damaged shipments and lost business. First, thoroughly research the packing requirements for international shipments and the companies offering crating and other preparation services before hiring one to handle your overseas shipments.

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